1. Begin by locating the correct mounting placement of your ADA Sign by following our ADA Sign Placement Guidelines. This position must be correct to ensure compliance. 
  2. Clean the mounting area and ensure a dirt-free surface for a permanent installation.
  3. Use an erasable marker or pencil to lightly mark the mounting surface where the bottom and left edges of the sign would sit.
  4. Remove the backing paper from the double-sided foam mounting tape that comes pre-attached to the backside of the ADA sign. For extra strength, add dabs of clear adhesive silicone.
  5. Place a spirit (bubble) level aligned with the bottom-edge marking on the surface.
  6. Place the sign on the level and align its left edge with the left-edge marking on the surface.
  7. Confirm that the spirit level is horizontal and the sign is parallel to the floor.
  8. Press and hold the ADA sign firmly against the wall for 30 seconds.